whats the difference between deep tissue and therapeutic massage?

What is Deep Tissue?

Deep tissue (DT) is a massage technique, using slow and deep massage strokes. I use the term "deep" because it varies from person to person on how much pressure is used. There are a variety of different DT strokes, so its not about me jabbing my elbows into your back. I will always work with your body, not against it or try to force it to do something its not ready for. I will work with your muscles to lengthen tension areas and relieve tight areas. The work is slow and deliberate. But well worth it.


What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage (TM) is a combination of massage techniques used to provide complete balance. In a TM session, I may use some DT strokes followed by some myofascial release strokes and finish up with some effleurage (long relaxation stroke).


So which one do you need?

Well to be quite honest, you will probably get a therapeutic massage. And I say this because each massage is tailored to you, each and every time. There may be times when you get a massage that is 90% deep tissue but there are very few times when that will be the only technique used. Your body is too complex to limit your massage to one technique. That is one of the reasons why there is only one price for all techniques offered. You are going to get a blend of everything, depending on what your body needs.


Wait, Wait, Wait... I thought deep tissue and deep pressure was the same thing?

Umm... no. Its not. You can get a Swedish (relaxation) massage with deep pressure. Some people just want the pressure because it feels good. And I can add that to any massage you want. But deep tissue is in its own category.